Therapeutic Yoga

What therapeutic yoga actually is?

This vision connects yoga to physiotherapy and osteopathy to address your discomforts, pains or pathologies of musculoskeletal system. Our aim is to create safe and personalised yoga practice adapted to your needs and current condition. Along with the diagnosis of your health professional (your doctor and/or physiotherapist), we investigate together your body posture and movement patterns. First we unlearn certain postural habits and then incorporate the healthy ones, honoring the uniqueness of your body. These classes are conducted in one-on-one or small group settings (maximum 5 students) to ensure my attention to be focused on you as much as possible. 


Elements of therapetic yoga that will help you:


Alignment always personalized to your body. There is no one alignment, as we all have different bone structure. What might be beneficial for one person, may not be convenient for another. We will observe it in detail to create a solid foundation and safe practice.

Postural education Oftentimes we sit/walk/stand with the body falling forward too much, as a natural consequence of how we live our lives (how is your posture right now as you are reading this text? 🙂 ). Not only is good postural alignment aesthetically pleasing, but it prevents many health consequences (lower back pain, reduction in your breathing capacity..)

Props we use different materials like blocks, bolsters, chair to honor the uniqueness of your body anatomy

Holistic vision how emotions can affect your body?

Homework when you establish healthy habits on daily basis you can create long term change and genuinely care about your well-being

For all who want to practice yoga safely! It is especially aimed at people with pathologies or alterations of body alignment such as following:

 herniated disc, 
 lumbago (lower back pain), 
 kiphosis (hunchback), 
 disc protrusion,
 halux vagus (or bunion, 
deformity of the big toe)  
 plantar fasciitis,
 flat feet, 
 golfer's and tennis elbow
 carpal tunnel syndrome, 
 osteoarthritis (spine, hip, knee)

How will we work together?


1st session

I will ask you for a diagnosis from your health professional which will serve us, in some part, to create a foundation of the practice and help us to understand your condition better. We will also explore your postural habits (standing, sitting, walking) and range of motion. I will explain FisiomYoga method in detail and we will discuss how working together would look like to support your healing process.

2nd session

We will start to create a program of physical and breathing exercises according to your needs in order to obtain optimal results throughout the rest of the sessions. FisiomYoga method might include asana, breath, visualization, strengthening exercises, meditation, reflection about how thoughts and unexpressed emotions can affect your body. 

I teach regular group classes every Wednesday: 11.15-12.15 

in  SoHappy (Rue de Carouge 28)


Private classes can be organized in the comfort of your home or office space as well as in the yoga studio I teach regularly.

Do you have any questions? Doubts? Thoughts?