PROGRAM of Thai Massage Basic Training

Lesson 1

Welcome, general background, presentation of the course and content, history, precautions. Sequence of Invitation to Savasana. Self-care preparatory exercises.

Lesson 2

Feet, pressure points, ankle stretches, legs: palming and thumbing the energy lines SEN.

Proper alignment of the thumbs.


Lesson 3

Single and double legs stretches, opening of the hips and pelvis, acupressure, joint mobilization, fluid transitions.


Lesson 4

Hara, acupressure points, Arms and hands, stretching, joint mobilization, Chest and diaphragm

Lesson 5

Transition to sitting position, stretching and acupressure: back, shoulders, neck and head, spinal twists

Review of SEN lines

Practice and questions


Lesson 6

Practice of everything learned previously

Self massage for therapists


Lesson 7

Side position, stretches and acupressure: legs, back, shoulders, chest, neck


Lesson 8

Prone position, walking on the feet, legs stretches, palming and thumbing the energy line of the back, 

Practice, questions, closing circle