Thai Massage

The practice of Thai Yoga Massage (Nuad bo Rarn) consists of pressures that lean slowly and rhythmically along the lines of energy, reflexology, acupressure points, stretching and opening movements that look like assisted yoga positions .

To achieve this effect the therapist uses his hands, thumbs, feet, elbows and knees and follows the energetic lines of the body - thus increasing the flow of energy and thereby help restore balance and reduce energy blocks. The passive and rhythmic stretches allow us to regain flexibility and achieve a very deep relaxation.

In the tradition of Thai massage, similar to other Oriental systems, the whole person is considered in a holistic way. Each part of the human being is harmoniously related and can only be adequately understood by the dynamics of the whole.There are no parts that have an independent existence. Any problem, any obstruction is not simply a disease of a particular part, but rather a disorder of the whole being.

An important part of the theory and practice of Thai massage is the concept of energy lines called SEN. They are the invisible energy lines similar to Nadi channels in yoga and meridians in Chinese medicine. There are 72,000 SEN, but during the session you work with the top 10 to stimulate the free flow of energy (Prana). The application of Metta (kindness and benevolent love) deepen the process.


"In the East we believe that we are built in one piece, that it is impossible to isolate one part without taking into account the effect it will have on the whole.  Don´t focus on disease, but on the whole body. 

All diseases come from the same source - an imbalance of energy flow through the body. "


~ Wataru Ohashi

This beautiful bodywork and sacred dance helps to feel great liberation and openness in the body, to maintain good health and a high level of well-being. Surely the Thai massage session can be considered as preventive and therapeutic. When it is received regularly, there is a clear improvement in the nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and immune systems. It reduces stress, relaxes areas of tension throughout the body, raises energy levels, increases self-esteem, helps digestion, combats insomnia, increases flexibility, releases physical and energetic blockages, harmonizes the psychosomatic relationship.




This is a holistic bodywork that has developed over the years by two French osteopaths, Arno L'Hermitte and David Lutt, with years of experience in the practice of Thai massage and osteopathy.

In this treatment we find the deep integration of the principles of osteopathy and techniques of Thai massage. "OsteoThai is a meeting of traditional Thai massage and osteopathy, a bridge between East and West. It is a form of bodywork, combining extraordinary techniques of Thai massage with a precise and delicate touch of osteopathy. A unique feature of OsteoThai is the efficiency in releasing the associated tensions in connective tissue, releasing disorders of the muscular system and working on joint mobility with precise and smooth touch. It is an excellent treatment to facilitate mobility and release the body".

I offer OsteoThai sessions for internal organs and main joints.


How is the session like?

Thai and OsteoThai sessions are received with comfortable and loose clothing, which allows to perform the movements with freedom. The session is accompanied with conscious breathing, both of the receiver and of the giver. With this knowledge and use of breathing, a more relaxing and therapeutic treatment is achieved.


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