Chavutti Thirumal


The Chavutti Thirumal massage is the treatment that originated in South India and is part of the ancient method of Kerala, based on Ayurveda, the science of life. It was born from Kalarippayatt martial art and was conceived to heal, give flexibility and transmit lightness and strength to its practitioners (during the preparation for war they received massages that renewed their physical and emotional bodies during 10 consecutive days). Chavutti Thirumal, translated literally, means massage with the foot pressure (with long, firm and deep movements).

The Chavutti Thirumal is a quite unique experience!

The massage looks and feels as a dance, with fluid and rhythmic movements,, while the therapist maintains his balance with the help of rope. Through practice and experience, the therapist's feet are as accurate and effective as the hands, achieving depth and focusing on specific muscles and problem areas that need more attention. The depth of the movement covers the body from the feet to the tips of the hands. By using the feet and body weight properly, the therapist can give a very deep and therapeutic massage, working with the energetic lines of the body. Therefore, it is an excellent treatment for athletes, yoga practitioners, dancers and all who seek a holistic, powerful treatment which achieves a deep relaxation.


How is the session like?


The session is received without clothes, covered with the towel. The treatment is done dynamically (or slower, depending on your preferences), accompanied by conscious breathing of both the recipient and the therapist. With this knowledge and use of breathing, a more relaxing and therapeutic treatment is achieved.

The massage is performed on the futon. A full Chavutti Thirumal massage session lasts 2 hours and works in three positions: prone, sides and supine.


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