Chi Nei Tsang

The belly area is a mysterious, sometimes even a terrifying space. When they are clogged, the internal organs store harmful energies that can be debarred over other body systems and manifest in the form of negative emotions and illnesses. All our negative emotions that we have not overcome, that can not "find the way out" are stored in our digestive system, hindering their correct functioning.

Chi Nei Tsang therapy transforms those emotions and energies, eliminates toxins that block the internal organs and cause nodes as well as favors the flow of vital energy (Chi). It helps to feel our emotions in a healthier way. It works with great efficiency with the energetic body, allowing us to feel, to free space within us. This makes it possible for us to live and grow emotionally in a more conscious, more enriching way.


How is the session like?

In this work we focus, above all, on the belly area and with the application of different techniques we create more space in the umbilical zone. One of the focus is to free the organs and to be more in touch with their existance. Each of the internal organs has some psychological function (fear affects the colon and kidney, can create diarrhea or constipation, worry affects the stomach and creates ulcer, gastric problems, anger is related to liver, sadness with lungs ..) and it is obvious that our state of health depends on the good state of each one of them. If one does not work correctly, the whole space will be affected.

NOTE Each body is unique, each body needs different form of touch. Not every belly is prepared to receive a deep and direct pressure on it, in this case we focus first on restoring the blocked energy in the legs and feet (using especially Thai therapeutic massage techniques), and then progressively tp the space of the belly, respecting the needs of the body.


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