Craniosacral Therapy


Touching the pulse of Life Craniosacral is a non-invasive, gentle and effective manual therapy that supports the body's natural healing processes, helps increase vitality, restores somato-emotional balance, releases tension patterns and even long-lasting traumas. In a space of meditative awareness, it combines scientific techniques with gentleness, intuition and listening.

The craniosacral rhythm, which the therapist is able to feel during the session, is in the essence of the body and is much more subtle than the respiratory or cardiac rhythm. It is the reason why the bones of the head and the sacrum have a small movement and acquire some flexibility allowing a rhythm that affects all the organs and tissues in the body.


What can I experience during the session?

The experiences during a session are as individual and particular as each person is. Sometimes you could relax deeply, sometimes you could reconnect with memories or emotions that couldnt transform before. Sometimes you could remember the circumstances related with a shock or trauma. The important thing is, whatever the circumstance and the external condition, the Craniosacral Biodynamics allows you to feel your own space of silence and stillness.

What happens there? You connect there with the innate intelligence of your being and with the innate abilities to return to the state of homeostasis.

The sessions can also complement medical or psychological treatment.


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