Creating space for the conscious change

We are born with the capacity to live in harmony, but our frenetically paced world is challenging at times and we often feel constant emotional tension, exhausted mind and physical discomfort.

The good news is there is always a possibility to transform this situation and feel your body and mind alive and free of tension.

Finding your space and internal balance, liberate yourself from pain and discomforts, allowing the mechanisms of self-healing to be activated, connecting with the innate intelligence of the body that we ALL have.

Let’s make it happen together!

Welcome to
Harmonic Being


My name is Paulina and I offer you personalized holistic bodywork which adapts to your body’s individual needs in every moment. 

You are unique, your history and body’s memory are unique and I strongly believe they deserve personalized attention and guidance.

My intention is to inspire you to understand and release any imbalances in your own body so you can feel more alive, free and happier as well as possibly approach much better quality of life in many aspects. Your body already knows how to heal itself, sometimes it just needs to feel supported.



Holistic bodywork to liberate you from chronic tensions and discomforts

Group and private yoga classes combined with physiotherapy and osteopathy

Self-massage workshops and corporate chair massage special days

Thai Massage Training 

50 hours


This autumn we will dive deeper into this transformative bodywork and healing art


This course is open for everyone: even if you have never offered massage session (but you feel curious to discover!) or if you are physiotherapist or yoga teacher who want to explore new techniques and develop the quality of mindful and compassionate touch.  

Restore your vital energy

Liberate from chronic stress, pain and tension

Enhance the body’s self-healing

Rebalance physically, mentally and emotionally 

Would you like to take a moment for YourSelf?


Self Myofascial Release 

Simple exercises for your back and lower body with a roller you can do easily at home

Chair Massage Sessions

If you sit for many hours during the day and you feel it’s time to take care of your back and your postural habits, chair massage can help you.

It is a detoxifying, relaxing and energizing treatment in an ergonomically designed chair that offers a very comfortable position.

The session is received with the clothes on: it is very practical and effective!

It releases the accumulated tension in your back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head. 

PLUS We will look in detail at your usual way of sitting at your desk and will correct some important elements so that you can improve your posture on daily basis.


“The session with Paulina is more than a massage because it takes being in its entirety, it acts at different levels, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. I felt very confident, because she really listens to what body and soul need. The session has helped me to release the blocked emotions that did not find an outlet and therefore know myself better. Paulina has great sensitivity, knowledge and intuition to guide you through the session and she also has a great generosity. Thank you very much!”
Francoise Ferrand Pianist, Vocal Coach, Massage Therapist

“La sesión con Paulina es más que un masaje porque toma el ser en su totalidad. Actua a diferentes niveles, no sólo  físico pero también mental y emocional. Me sentía muy confiada, porque escucha realmente lo que el cuerpo y el alma necesitan y lo hace con mucho respecto. La sesión me ha ayudado a soltar las emociones bloqueadas que no encontraban salida y por lo tanto conocerme mejor. Paulina posee una gran sensibilidad, conocimiento y intuición para guiar y también una gran generosidad. Muchas gracias!”


Francoise Ferrand Pianista, Entrenadora Vocal, Masajista Terapeuta

Before I went to Paulina’s clinic, I suffered from muscle pain in back and arms, some weakness in my legs and certain unbalances between my right and left side. After receiving regular sessions, there was a great evolution and improvement in my physical condition. I also value a lot that now I know my own body better and I have discovered few aspects of my health I used to ignore before. I´m also aware of how I should take care of myself. Thank you Paulina for your dedication and professionalism!

Xavier Parera Massage therapist

Before I started massage sessions with Paulina I suffered from chronic muscle tension in my middle back (because of the high stress job). Finally I found Structural Integration sessions and what a difference that was!  I received 4 sessions and the tension was completely released. The minute you step into Paulina’s clinic you already feel better, because Paulina has a special way of being, relaxing and calming energy. She is extremely skilled in few massage techniques and always knows exactly what my body needs. After the session, I always felt absolutely wonderful, relaxed and peaceful. Thank you Paulina for bringing so much value into peoples lives through your amazing work!

Maya Markiewicz Business coach

Paulina with her hands, slow and firm rhythm, the pressure and softness of touch applied when necessary, transports me to a state of relaxation that I have never reached before. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and cervical pain from herniated disks and different injuries. The sessions with Paulina allow me to free myself from the discomfort completely and reconnect again with my body.

Marta Casado African Dance teacher

” Nada mejor que mimarse uno mismo con un masaje tailandés terapéutico y recuperar la energía y paz interior durante muchos días. Un verdadero sueño. Muchas gracias Paulina. “

Xavier Costa Abogado, 38 años

“Cuando comenzé las sesiones con Paulina, mi estado de salud era bastante malo. Muchos dolores, estrés, insomnio… Desde hace mucho tiempo sufro constantes dolores de espalda, lumbares, cervicales, etc. El gran nivel de estrés en el trabajo y el no poder descansar lo suficiente influyen negativamente en vida diaria. A lo largo de las sesiones han ido apareciendo diferentes sintomatologías a tratar (rotura fibrilar, inflamación de la zona sacroilíaca, tendinitis en las rodillas…).


Raul Cascallana Informático, administrador de Sistemas

 “Antes de encaminarme a Paulina, mis problemas básicos eran dolores musculares en espalda y brazos. Debilidad en piernas y un cierto desequilibrio entre el lado derecho y el izquierdo. Después de haber recibido sesiones regulares, hay una gran evolución y mejora en mi condición física. También valoro mucho que ahora conozco mejor mi cuerpo y organismo y he descubierto problemas y aspectos que ignoraba. Las sesiones me ha ayudado a tomar conciencia de mi cuerpo y el deseo que cuidarlo. Muchísimas gracias Paulina por tu dedicación y profesionalidad!”

Xavier Parera Masajista terapeuta

“Antes de empezar las sesiones con Paulina sufría de dolor crónico en mi espalda (estrés del trabajo). Finalmente encontré el método de Integración Estructural y vaya diferencia. Es la técnica más eficaz que he recibido durante 4 semanas y los dolores desaparecieron completamente. Además de la técnica, desde el minuto uno que pisas la clinica de Paulina ya te empiezas a sentir mejor, porque ella es especial en su forma de ser, hay una cierta energía tranquilizadora y calmada. Muy recomendable!” (more…)

Maya Markiewicz Business coach

Paulina con sus manos, su ritmo pausado pero a la vez firme, la presion que ejerce y la suavidad del toque aplicada cuando es necesario, consigue transportarme a un estado de relajación al que jamas habia llegado antes. Sufro de dolor crónico de espalda baja y de las cervicales por las hernias discales y distintas lesiones. Las sesiones con Paulina permiten liberarme de las molestias por completo y reconectar de nuevo con mi cuerpo.”

Marta Casado Profesora de danza áfricana

Your first session

If you have never tried the sessions with Harmonic Being, I´m pleased to offer you the first visit at a reduced price. Every second Monday of the month we offer the space for 4 people. The session lasts 45-minutes and will helps you to discover any physical or/and energetic blockages. From there we can evaluate your needs and create a plan of your sessions.

Corporate massage

Harmonic Being collaborates with several companies to offer a space of peace in the Meetings and Events Industry (as well as inaugurations, exhibitions, private yachts). We strongly believe in the professionals and their abilities to create healthy companies and we want to facilitate this process. We have participated in Mobile World Congress, FIDIC, Eventoplus, EWEA, Eurofinance, Gartner, VmWorld, among many others.

Massage Gift Card

Instead of giving flowers or wine, why not offer something different and original to your dearest ones? To let them know they are very special for you and also offer them the opportunity to receive a therapeutic touch for their well-being?