Holistic Bodywork

I offer therapeutic bodywork that relieves or prevents you from chronic pain (such as back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, tennis and golfer's elbow, important foot and leg blockages, among others) as well as increase overall flexibility, range of motion in the joints and help maintain a good health. It also restores your vital energy and enhance your self healing.

This practice blends diverse techniques and modalities of bodywork such as therapeutic thai massage (with more focus on anatomical and dynamic alignment), OsteoThai (Thai massage with osteopathy elements), Craniosacral therapy and Chi Nei Tsang (internal organs massage) that can provide a profoundly transformative experience.

The great focus of treatment is to bring more awareness and to liberate the body from physical and emotional blockages, energy stagnation and to bring a space of LIFE in the body.

Does it sound liberating already? 🙂

To achieve this effect the therapist use his hands, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet to open the energetic lines of the body. In this way, it increases the flow of energy, which helps to recover the body balance (energy lines can be affected mainly by the incorrect and repetitive body positions, stagnant emotions, inadequate repetitive movements, excessive use of the muscles, injuries). The passive and rhythmic stretches allow to regain flexibility and achieve a very deep relaxation.


What can I expect from Holistic Bodywork session?


The session is received in comfortable and loose clothes, which allows to perform the movements with freedom. The session can last up to 2 hours. Each treatment is adapted to your own needs, deeper or more subtle techniques can be applied, depending what is best for your body. The essential part of each session is the quality of compassionate touch, listening and presence.

Additionally, each session may include deeper look at your postural alignment and reflection on postural and nutritional habits on daily basis. They may also include deeper look at how you respond mentally and emotionally to different circumstances of life and how is that reflected in the physical body.

After the treatment, in majority of the cases, I offer you something which helps you to create long-term therapeutic effects: it might be personalized breathing exercises, yoga pose, self-massage techniques, tips for postural alignment so you can genuinely care about your wellbeing on daily basis. 


This therapeutic bodywork has helped many people to recover from injuries,  facilitate vibrant health and to create the space of awareness physically, emotionally, mentally.



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