~ Marta Casado, african dance teacher

“Paulina with her hands, slow and firm rhythm, the pressure and softness of touch applied when necessary, transports me to a state of relaxation that I have never reached before. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and cervical pain from herniated disks and different injuries. The sessions with Paulina allow me to free myself from the discomfort completely and reconnect again with my body. ”

~ Xavier Parera, massage therapist

“Before I started regular sessions with Paulina, I suffered from muscle pain in back and arms, some weakness in my legs and certain unbalances between my right and left side. From the very first session I could feel myself really comfortable. With the following sessions I could confirm the level of proficiency and dedication of Paulina's work and I was absolutely convinced that my health problems will disappear soon. It was always nice to receive the treatment and there is no doubt that there was an evolution and improvement of my physical condition. Nowadays, I know much more about my own body, its tendencies and I'm aware of how I should take care of myself. Thank you Paulina."

~ Maja Markiewicz, business coach

"Before I started massage sessions with Paulina I suffered from chronic muscle tension in my back (because of the high stress job). I went to few massage therapists before but I wasn’t happy with any of them. Finally I found Paulina! What a difference that was! She is the best massage therapist I have ever met. The minute you step into her clinic you already feel better!
Why? Because Paulina has a special way of being, a relaxing and calming energy about her. She is extremely skilled at few massage techniques and always knows exactly what your body needs. After the session, I always leave feeling absolutely wonderful, relaxed and peaceful. Now I recommend her to all of my friends! She is incredibly skillful and an extremely caring massage therapist who brings so much value into peoples lives through her amazing work. Thank you Paulina!"


~ Luis, lawyer

"I decided to visit Paulina's clinic because of a recommendation. My general state of health was good but I needed to alleviate accumulated tensions that were the result from the stress at work. I stopped practicing yoga and the osteopathic sessions that accompanied it, so I felt like a "block" about to break.
The work with Paulina has been very positive so far. If I have to name the most important result for me, it would be awakening my awareness. After each session I feel my blockages are released and my energy is more awakened. Sometimes, after a session, my energy level is really remarkable and I feel with my feet firmly on the ground. The sessions have helped me to understand that, if I don't eliminate several "INTRUDERS" that surround me, I will not be able to restore my energetic balance that makes me feel happy and healthy. "



~ Irene, entrepreneur

"When I started regular sessions with Paulina, I was recovering from operation of both shoulders, which considerably affected the range of movement in my back. Thanks to Paulina's help, I quickly recuperated shoulders stability and range of motion both my back and shoulders. I continue to come regularly, because it helps me a lot to maintain good state of health and cultivate a state of well-being.

Paulina's vast knowledge in different techniques, dedication and desire to help people make her an excellent therapist. She always takes care of the smallest detail so that the sessions are effective and the client feels satisfied. She also has an excellent intuition, always choosing the most appropriate technique and the ability to really convey a sense of well-being. Thanks Paulina! "



~ Sophie Costes, Watsu and Ayurvedic Therapis

"I received a couple of wonderful session of Chavutti (massage with a foot pressure) by Paulina. I feel attended and listened to, from a point of genuine attention and knowledge. Paulina masters the art of Chavutti and her caring presence make the experience even deeper. As practitioner and teacher of Chavutti myself, I feel totally confident to recommend her sessions."



~ Hanna Poikonen, WiseMotion Community

"Paulina is my trusted therapist since 2014!
This time we had two sessions to release a pain in mylower back and upper chest. The treatments helped me a lot: her touch is so centered, delicate and deep at the same time as well as her guidance and instructions to connect with the quality of my own breath. I can tell the difference not only that the pain has gone, but also that the hips, the upper body and the chest are more free!
In addition, Paulina has guided me to feel how the body, the breath and the emotions work together, as a unity. Now I have exercises to continue my practice at home. Many thanks Paulina!"



~ Victoriya

The sessions with Paulina were something completely new to me and I experienced different sensations every time. She has opened a whole new world to me and helped with a lot of my emotional blockages. The work Paulina has done is tremendous as she is a remarkable professional I can strongly recommend to everybody."